Maximizing Your Energy Efficiency for Homes and Businesses Investment

Meeting Rescheduled to July 19th
New location: Spring Valley Library
4280 South Jones Boulevard


Is your Home Energy Efficient?  Do you know where you are wasting money running your home?

Looking to buy or sell your home; know the ‘other costs’ associated with home ownership.

Before you put Solar on your home, make sure the low cost ‘fixes’ are made.

Date: THURSDAY     JULY 19, 2018
Time: 6:00 PM
Location: New Location Spring Valley Library
4280 South Jones Boulevard  FREE to attend

Speaker: Les Lazareck, Certified Residential Energy Inspector

LES LAZARECK HOME ENERGY CONNECTIONLes Lazareck is a residential Home Performance Expert who as the original Program Manager established Nevada’s Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program, HomeFree Nevada. He is a certified home energy rater (HERS) through RESNET, certified Building Performance Institute (BPI) Building Analyst, Envelope and AC Heat Pump Professional trainer and proctor, Certified National Green Building Verifier (NAHB), owner of Home Energy Connection, LLC and a founding member and past Board Member of Solar NV, the local chapter of the American Solar Energy Society and Nevada Building Performance Professional. Les Lazareck earned his Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California, Santa Barbara, focusing on alternative energy design. Applying his knowledge in residential home performance, Mr. Lazareck’s production home is now a net zero electric home.

Home Energy Connection provides a wide range of services for homeowners, builders, insulation, HVAC and remodeling trades, realtors and lenders for new and existing homes and commercial buildings. Since most buildings are built to code and code represents the minimum accepted standards for buildings, we strive to create high performing homes/buildings whether new or existing. In many cases, this adds little to the cost of the building or retrofit. Working with your goals, Home Energy Connection will craft a solution.


Air Leakage accounts for largest category of heat loss/gain in your home. Air sealing walls and ceiling is typically more valuable than windows and doors.

If you own, are buying, selling or plan to build a single or multi-family home or commercial property, call Home Energy Connection first. Unlike Home/Building Inspectors, Home Energy Connection is trained, certified, licensed and experienced to:

    1. Buying
      1. Determine the cost of operating the property.
      2. Verify the combustion appliances (water heater, furnace, oven, etc.) are operating safely.
      3. We provide recommendations to optimize the home/building’s energy efficiency, comfort, health, safety and durability which can assist you in negotiating a lower purchase price.
      4. We oversee and coordinate improvements so work is performed to industry best practices.
    2. Selling
      1. Perform an energy assessment to determine how your home/building compares to similar properties and decide if and what improvement may be desirable to complete. The MLS system can document these improvements. The cost of the energy assessment can be included in the closing costs like a home inspection.
      2.  The Appraisal Institute now requires the results of an energy assessment be used in determining the property’s value.
      3. In addition to the aesthetic features of your home/building, use documented energy performance to sell the property faster, (e.g., new or upgraded a/c or furnace, energy star appliances or recently installed windows or doors.)
    3. Building/Remodeling
      1. Through planning, we can help incorporate design elements to maximize the building’s performance, comfort, indoor air quality and durability.
      2. Verify your home if seeking ENERGY STAR or NAHB National Green Buildingcertification.
      3. Represent the owner to ensure work is performed to best practices and verified.
    4. Training for Energy Auditors and Contractors
      1. Train and proctor individuals interested in becoming a BPI Certified Building Analyst, Envelope or AC and Heat Pump Professional or RESNET Home Energy Rater (HERS).

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