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July Monthly Meeting – Electric Cars and Charging

Join us for a presentation about plug-in electric cars, EV charging stations and more…


Modern, attractive and fully functional pure electric vehicles are here with ranges from 75 to 107 miles. They are quick, clean, quiet and almost zero maintenance. They are affordable and they are available now!

Plug-in Hybrid and Range Extended Electric Vehicles eliminate range anxiety.

And hopefully affordable pure electric cars with ranges topping 200 miles will be joining us soon.

Join us for a presentation from Stan Hanel on current and future electric cars, new EV charging station developments and even a few words about electric vehicle conversions happening right here in Las Vegas.

Stan is an Outreach Coordinator for Nevada Electric Vehicle Accelerator (NEVA), a non-profit program that was started in February 2011 by NV Energy, Nevada Department of Transportation and REA250. The NEVA program has been working with its partners to promote plug-in electric vehicle infrastructure across the state, including over 100 public EV charging sites providing electricity at no cost to electric vehicle owners. Stan is also a principle organizer with the Las Vegas Electric Vehicle Association ( and the organizer for Las Vegas of the annual National Drive Electric Week event in September (

Date: July 21st, 2016 (third Thursday of every month)
Time: 6:30 PM – Snacks and Beverages Served
Location: inNEVation Center (6795 Edmond St.), 3rd Floor

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