Steve Rypka lives a low-carbon lifestyle.

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October 2012 Meeting

Meeting Topic: Living with a Leaf – PV & EV in NV

Driving on Sunshine!

Solar NV meets monthly and everyone is invited!

Date: October 18th. (third Thursday of every month)
Time: 6:30 PM
Location: University of Nevada – Las Vegas (UNLV)

Greenspun Hall, Room 2212
4505 S Maryland Pkwy
Las Vegas, NV 89154

(Maps, directions, parking info)

Steve Rypka lives a low-carbon lifestyle.Our speaker for October is Steve Rypka, green living consultant, writer and practitioner. He’ll be sharing his perspective about the practicalities of using the sun to power an electric vehicle.

Steve will discuss his decision to purchase one of the first Nissan Leaf’s sold in Nevada, plus a lot of other details about incentives, charging, batteries, vehicle range and maintenance. He has been happily driving on 100% sunshine since February. Learn how his investment in a roof-mounted photovoltaic system over seven years ago is not only paying for itself, but has become one of the best and most ethical financial investments imaginable.

Steve Rypka is a founding member, past board member and past president of Solar NV. He has been a strong advocate of renewable energy and green building for many years. His Green Living column has been published every other week in the Las Vegas Review Journal  for over six years. Enhanced versions of his columns (with images, links and videos) are posted and archived at

After the presentation, Steve will show the Leaf and answer questions. We hope to see you  there!

Also, here is an excellent article by Las Vegas resident James Lindelien who charges his Chevy Volt with his solar array.

Some quotes from the article:

If you calculate the rapid payback time of solar power — when it is used to avoid expensive gasoline purchase costs — it’s a bargain. Instead of a decade or more to break even, a solar PV investment pays off in just a few years when the electric power is used to avoid buying expensive gasoline.

PV-sourced solar power has no inflation for the next twenty five years, and no price volatility. How’s that compare to the past twenty five years — and the future twenty five — of gasoline pricing and volatility? Getting tired of not knowing what a gallon of gas will cost next month, or the month after that?

 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in NV

View Nevada EVSE Locator Map in a larger map
Map courtesy of the Nevada Electric Vehicle Accelerator project.

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