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August 2012 Meeting

Meeting Topic: Geothermal for Buildings: Making the Ground Work For You

Ground Source Heat ExchangeMaking Your World Better Through Ground Source Heat Exchange

Presented by: Paul Simpson, GES,Inc. & Gregory DeSart, founder of GES, Inc.

Speakers from Geotechnical & Environmental Services, Inc. will explain how the unvarying temperatures of the ground can be used to increase a buildings’ efficiency. Ground Source Heat Exchange systems are not only feasible in Southern Nevada, they provide cost savings and environmental benefits. Projects that have incorporated GSHE include, 3 of the trade High Schools in the valley, Cashman Equipment, The Henderson Aquatic Center, and the Las Vegas PBS Building. In addition, two schools were recently constructed in Pahrump utilizing GSHE.

Gregory DeSart, Owner and Founder, Geotechnical & Environmental Services, Inc.

Since founding GES in 1992 Mr. DeSart has managed and performed geotechnical engineering services for over 2000 projects throughout Nevada. GESHis geotechnical experience has included geotechnical recommendations that aid in the design of foundations, pavements, underground utilities, drainage channels, erosion and grade control structures, retaining structures and dams. His environmental experience includes preparation and implementation of sampling and remediation plans, site characterization, Phase I & II site assessments, design and installation of groundwater monitoring wells, and UST management. Because of his strong belief in tapping into natural resources of the earth and improving energy efficiency, Eagle Drilling & GES have invested in the marketing of GSHE as well as Thermal Conductivity technology.

Paul Simpson, P.E., Senior Staff Engineer/Ground Source Heat Exchange

As a Senior Staff Engineer, Mr. Simpson works on various geotechnical and environmental projects. In addition to his project management duties, Mr. Simpson is responsible for providing technical support to clients; preparing proposals; providing educational presentations as needed; and developing feasibility studies.

Solar NV meets monthly and everyone is invited!

Date: August 16th. (third Thursday of every month)
Time: 6:30 PM
Location: University of Nevada – Las Vegas

Greenspun Hall, West Wing, Room 2202
4505 S Maryland Pkwy
Las Vegas, NV 89154
(Maps, directions, parking info)

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