Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Nevada

Get Efficient – Go Solar – Drive on Sunshine!

The combination of Nevada sunshine, energy efficiency, PV panels and electric vehicles is proving to be a winner for an ever-increasing number of Nevada residents. Many are surprised at the number of charging stations that already exist in the state, and more are being installed all the time. Many of them are currently available for free and some are even powered with solar energy.

“If you calculate the rapid payback time of solar power — when it is used to avoid expensive gasoline purchase costs — it’s a bargain. Instead of a decade or more to break even, a solar PV investment pays off in just a few years when the electric power is used to avoid buying expensive gasoline.

“PV-sourced solar power has no inflation for the next twenty five years, and no price volatility. How’s that compare to the past twenty five years — and the future twenty five — of gasoline pricing and volatility? Getting tired of not knowing what a gallon of gas will cost next month, or the month after that?”

From How Much Electricity Are You Paying For To Maintain Your Chevy Volt?,” an article published in Forbes written by Las Vegas resident James Lindelien

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in NV

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Map courtesy of the Nevada Electric Vehicle Accelerator project.

“We’ve all but eliminated our need to purchase gasoline. It has nearly doubled the yearly value of our PV system’s energy production since it now replaces increasingly expensive gasoline.

“Driving a zero-emissions car powered by nothing but clean, fresh sunshine is an amazing experience. No more smog checks or oil changes either. With PV prices at all-time lows, this is going to catch on like wild-fire. Our homes will play a key role in breaking our addiction to that dirty, rotten goo, a milestone that is welcome and long overdue.”


From “Charging Ahead: Using Your Home to Fuel Your Car” by Steve Rypka